good fortune

Hello and welcome to my website. I am currently working as a freelance
medical illustrator/animator on Music Row in Nashville , TN.   While the majority
of my business is medical illustration I also do scientific illustration, more
traditional llustrations of a non-medical nature, oil portraits and, of course
my specialty.... funny Photoshops.


I graduated from the Interlochen Arts Academy (1995) and went on to attend Bradley University for one year.  I then attended Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) while taking Science courses at Brown University .  After receiving a BFA from RISD (1999) I headed south to UT Southwestern in Dallas for an MA in Medical Illustration (2001). 


After graduating with my Master’s I worked for 2 years at the Mayo Clinic (2001-2003) as one of their medical illustrator/animators.  I then moved to Nashville and started


My clients include The Mayo Clinic,, Self Magazine,   Baylor Hospital , Blaine Pharmaceuticals, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),
Healthstream, Mayo Medical Ventures, Simmons College,
and many more individuals and smaller companies.

Thank you for visiting my website! 


- Megan Rojas